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Silicone Swimcap is the best choice for you. This accessory will stand the test of time in the water.


The neoprene mask strap provides additional comfort as it helps to easily take off and put on the mask, as well as ensures a perfect fit of the mask to the head and prevents hair from tangling in the strap. Velcro inside the strap keeps it securely in place and does not slip. Can be used with any masks of any manufacturer.


Fluid goggles are a great tool to bring safety, relaxation and enjoying seeing underwater, without having to worry about equalizing the goggles, and without any depth limit. Our model allows to see underwater and on the surface too.


This light and water resistant mask has bigger lenses, which offer a wider field of vision. It has been designed to sit perfectly on the nose and face, shielding you from injury during triathlon races.



If you’re looking for a multipurpose ergonomic goggle for enhanced comfort and speed through the water whether training or racing. A range of lens options make this goggle versatile for a range of weather conditions.


Intended for greater comfort, Killa Hydro goggles come with 3 different sizes of nose pieces for the best possible fit on different face shapes.

Rodoma 49–60 iš 85