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PERSHING fin blades are identical to T-34 fin blades but they feature a length of 78cm. They are ideal for spearfishing in the ocean, where the conditions which are typical of the sea in winter, are more common all year round also at greater depths.


TANK T-34 fin blades are ideal for spearfishing in waves and foam, especially in cold and shallow waters. They are extremely reactive with an excellent performance even if they feature a reduced length. They are eclectic and they can be used in different spearfishing situations even with deep dives (0-20mt).

– Comes with Scorpena X3 foot pockets
– Materials: foot pocket – rubber, blade – 100% carbon.
– Blades size: lenght – 80 cm, (from the edge of the foot pocket 58 – 60 cm), 19,5 cm wide.

Tvirtinimo komplektas C4 Carbon 200 kaliošų komplektui.


Tvirtinimo komplektas C4 Carbon 250 kaliošų komplektui.


C4 400 Mounting Kit.

The C4 400 Fixing Kit is designed so that you can purchase your blades and foot pockets separately and easily assemble them.
•The single-screw design features a plastic fitting either side of the blade that, along with the foot pocket rails, secures the blade to the foot pocket.

Rodoma 25–31 iš 31