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The first degreasing products on the market specifically designed for diving masks, new and used, which prevents fogging problems and no side effects.

The ideal product to be applied on the glass lenses of diving masks which have been previously treated with the ABSOLUTE CLEANER and on the polycarbonate lenses of swimming goggles.
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Lightweight, firm, convenient, tubeless, two-section buoy.
The best choice for freediving instructors, perfect for travel.

C4 is proud, once again, to amaze you with a product characterised by unique features and an unmatched performance.
The revolutionary footpocket 200 brings the world of freediving and spearfishing fins twenty years ahead in the future.

Footpockets 250 black

The 250 is the latest evolution of the fin footpocket created by C4. The features that make it unique are:

  • Very low weight of only 250gr thanks to the TPE 75 ShA material overmoulded on a rigid high modulus TPE insole;
  • Thin thicknesses that increase comfort and do not cause foot pain;
  • Comfortable 3° pre-shaped fit;
  • Blade assembly, without side horns, with a sturdy M6 screw on a hand grip nut;
  • Hydrodynamic shape and reduced dimensions that make it glide effortlessly in the water.

The ELEMENTAL sports series is the most anticipated new addition to the world of professional freediving.
ELEMENTAL fins are made of 100% autoclaved carbon fiber. This professional tool can be optionally adjusted to suit the individual characteristics of the athlete.

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Rodoma 1–12 iš 40