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The first degreasing products on the market specifically designed for diving masks, new and used, which prevents fogging problems and no side effects.

The ideal product to be applied on the glass lenses of diving masks which have been previously treated with the ABSOLUTE CLEANER and on the polycarbonate lenses of swimming goggles.
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Lightweight, firm, convenient, tubeless, two-section buoy.
The best choice for freediving instructors, perfect for travel.


The ELEMENTAL sports series is the most anticipated new addition to the world of professional freediving.
ELEMENTAL fins are made of 100% autoclaved carbon fiber. This professional tool can be optionally adjusted to suit the individual characteristics of the athlete.

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Labai elastingas ir minkštas neoprenas SCHEICO.


Meet Lobster Neck Weight, the World’s first adjustable weight system for long underwater dives. And freedivers love it for its stunning design and incredible convenience.


Universali modulinė svorių sistema laisvojo nardymo atstovams – TECHNOLOGY FREE.


The Octopus CARBON noseclip: a colorful mix of ergonomic design and high-quality components. Made of a robust carbon polymer structure, two comfortable and replaceable elastomer nose-pads and a strong quality leash! Over 1500 units were sold within 2 months during the crowdfunding in 2019! Designed and tested by Swiss record-holder Pascal Berger (-131m VWT). Made in Switzerland, for a quality you can trust.

Rodoma 1–12 iš 27