Ergonominis įdėklas C4 carbon 200 kaliošui



C4 insoles have been designed specifically for diving. The design and materials used are specific for the use in diving fin shoes.

Thanks to their anatomical shape, C4 insoles increase the comfort inside the fin shoe pockets which, having the same shape for the right and left foot, feature many empty spaces.

The insoles greatly improve the planar shape of the shoes under the foot arch, eliminating the void and thus increasing the control of kicking and optimising the propulsive force.

The reduction of space also minimises the flow of cold water inside the shoe thus keeping the foot warmer in the winter and reducing the risk of cramps.

C4 insoles allows the use of fin pockets of a larger size with neoprene socks in a different thickness.

The insoles adapt perfectly to all C4 fin pockets but they can also be used with many of the other foot pockets on the market, including: Mares, Cressi, Beuchat, Seac, Omersub, Salvimar and Pathos, among the most popular ones.

C4 insoles are available in 3 sizes that can be used in footpockets from size 38 to 45, thanks to the possibility of being cut to size on pre-existing cutting lines.

Papildoma informacija

Svoris 03 kg
Išmatavimai 100 × 25 × 5 cm

C4 200 įdėklas L (46-47), C4 200 įdėklas M (42-43), C4 200 įdėklas S (38-39)


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