Technopolymer Fins

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C4 is proud, once again, to amaze you with a product characterised by unique features and an unmatched performance.
The revolutionary footpocket 200 brings the world of freediving and spearfishing fins twenty years ahead in the future.

Footpockets 250 black

The 250 is the latest evolution of the fin footpocket created by C4. The features that make it unique are:

  • Very low weight of only 250gr thanks to the TPE 75 ShA material overmoulded on a rigid high modulus TPE insole;
  • Thin thicknesses that increase comfort and do not cause foot pain;
  • Comfortable 3° pre-shaped fit;
  • Blade assembly, without side horns, with a sturdy M6 screw on a hand grip nut;
  • Hydrodynamic shape and reduced dimensions that make it glide effortlessly in the water.

The innovative Razor Pro spearfishing fins offer the best performance among all technopolymer fins currently on the market. It is a true must among freedivers and among the most demanding spear fishermen.


Fins Umberto Pelizzari

Umberto Pelizzari. This mythical name and not much more would be enough to describe these fins. Tens of thousands of hours spent training, an impressive series of World Records in Constant Weight make Umberto an absolute reference when it comes to knowledge and experience in the use of freediving equipment.

The new UP fins featuring technopolymer blades and 250 foot pockets are the result of the close collaboration between Umberto and C4.

The Technopolymer Blade Fin has been created by using the most recent plastic moulding technologies. Performance, which has always been a real obsession for Umberto, is at the basis of this project.


SURFER are the lightest plastic fins in the world. They feature 300 2.0 Easy Fit footpockets and blades made in high performance thermoplastic material.
SURFER are the right choice for divers who are beginning the activity and do not want to use highly technical fins. They are available in the following colors: black, white and blue.

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The Seac Vela short fins enhance the experience during swimming pool training. The fit is quick and comfortable thanks to the soft ergonomic foot pocket that wraps around the foot, holding the fin firmly. The short blade has grooves that improve water flow and impact-resistant rubber edges. The Seac Vela swimming fins are flexible and resistant to harsh environments that can also be used for snorkelling in the sea. They are available in 5 colors and 8 sizes to wear from 32 to 47.