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This revolutionary mask is made from high seal, a new material that offers extraordinary and unprecedented comfort. Not only has this new high seal silicone been chosen, with its exceptional softness and comfort, but the entire design of the skirt has followed new rules which allow a point of contact between the mask and the face that has a very open angle. The mask rests on the face with unprecedented comfort and does not leave any marks on the skin, even after extended use. Naturally, to obtain such a result the entire structure of the skirt is differentiated, with internal ribs that stiffen the parts of the mask that are most stressed. Big eyes evolution has been created to take prescription lenses. The big eyes evolution packaging can be completely recycled and the lower black part has been made from recycled material: cressi also cares for the environment!


Mask for advanced freediving and spearfishing, designed to offer an extremely hydrodynamic and compact shape to help divers cut through the water and aid movements in small spaces. The internal volume is minimal and does not require intentional equalizing. The swiveling buckles feature micrometric regulation. Angled tempered glass lenses. Anatomical strap.


The Essence Liquidskin diving mask is lightweight and easily foldable. This is why it is often chosen as a second reserve mask when diving. A wide field of vision, easy-to-adjust buckles and an exclusive design that combines great technology and aesthetics.


Viena iš ne daugelio kaukių kurias galima priskirti įvairių veido formų naudotojams – didžioji dalis besimatuojančių šią kaukę konstatuoja, jog pastaroji tiesiog prilipo prie veido. Pati kaukė yra priskiriama prie MONO tipo kaukių, nes turi vieną stiklą kuris leidžia daugiau regėti aplink. Ergonominis dizainis, kokybiškas silikono užbaigimas ir lengvai reguliuojamas dviejų mygtukų paspaudimu dirželis.


The Samurai X spearfishing mask has a reduced volume of less than 80 cm3. Lightweight, compact and comfortable. Ideal for spearfishermen looking for maximum field of view with reduced volume.


Povandeninės medžioklės entuziastų BUGATIS – su sąlyga jei tinka pastarųjų veidui. Mažas tūris, SOLO stiklai – su matomumu ir lengvai užčiuopiama nosimi.


X-Tream spearfishing mask with ultra-low volume and very wide field of view. X-Tream is an ultra-light, hydrodynamic and minimalist goggle providing incredible vision .