spearfishing mask


The Essence Liquidskin diving mask is lightweight and easily foldable. This is why it is often chosen as a second reserve mask when diving. A wide field of vision, easy-to-adjust buckles and an exclusive design that combines great technology and aesthetics.


The Samurai X spearfishing mask has a reduced volume of less than 80 cm3. Lightweight, compact and comfortable. Ideal for spearfishermen looking for maximum field of view with reduced volume.


Povandeninės medžioklės entuziastų BUGATIS – su sąlyga jei tinka pastarųjų veidui. Mažas tūris, SOLO stiklai – su matomumu ir lengvai užčiuopiama nosimi.


X-Tream spearfishing mask with ultra-low volume and very wide field of view. X-Tream is an ultra-light, hydrodynamic and minimalist goggle providing incredible vision .