Kilimėlis – krepšys Scorpena NEVKA


This bag is simple and convenient to use. In using this bag – carpet, you do not have to worry that sand, grass or dirt will fall under your wetsuit and socks when you change your clothes. Also it is convenient to change clothes after spearfishing. All the wet equipment that had been removed from you, can be moved quickly and compactly into this bag- carpet for later transportation. The design and materials of the bag will protect the trunk of the car from dirt and water. In addition, the Scorpena NEVKA bag – carpet can also be used as a waterproof substrate on the car seat when transporting animals or something wet or dirty. The bag-mat is made of a dense waterproof material with a double-sided PVC-coating and perimeter rim with a nylon skirt that has a sewn special cord for tightening the edges into a compact knot (or bale or knapsack or bag-bunch).


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