Kostiumas Spetton Juodas Kamufliažinis 5 mm


Gender – Man
Age – Adult
Thickness – 5 mm
Inner surface – Open cell
Zipper position – Without zip
Recommended use – Spear Fishing
Color – Black
Stamp – Camouflage
Pant finish – Long john pants

With the purpose of developing new diffusions of the Spearfisher shape with the bottom of the sea, we have Designed our new program “Distorssion Camo” for diffusing the shape for both sand and seaweeds areas.

This wetsuit has a preformed cut for maximum comfort, with knee pads, elbows and crotch reinforced in Supratex. New antiabrasive chest pad reinforcement for speargun loading. “Water Dry System” neoprene smooth seals in extremities. Button closure relax click with Supratex reinforcement.

Inside microporous Cell Plus II. Outside Nylon extra-elastic. Available in different thickness.

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