Peilis SpearLab Rykliukas


Dive Knife- a knife for underwater hunting with a double-edged sharpening and a classic blade shape. Due to the flat shape it is well suited for hunting in cramped conditions. On one side of the knife is a sharp cutting edge, on the other hand – a sawtooth cutter. It is made of steel.

It is equipped with scabbards and a pair of straps.

Thanks to the convenient locking system, the knife is securely attached to the sheath and can be easily removed with one hand.


– flat form;

– blade material: steel;

– sawtooth cutter;

– reliable fixing in the scabbard;

– strap length: 46 cm;

– length of the blade: 8.7 cm;

– length of the knife: 18.5 cm;

– width of blade: 1.8 cm;

– blade thickness: 3 mm;

– weight: 45 g.

Papildoma informacija

Svoris 0.05 kg


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