Pelengas VARVAR 100 pneumo vakuminis ginklas su smūgio reguliatoriumi


The Pelengas Varvar 100 is a very interesting shotgun with a unique trigger system. The trigger mechanism practically eliminates friction on the parts of the mechanism, giving the gun a very soft trigger and consequently increased accuracy. The piston is lighter in comparison to standard airgun pistons, and it also reduces the likelihood of piston breakage, decreases the shot sound, and improves the gun’s TTX.
The Varvar eliminates the possibility of self-shooting, as the whiskey is locked by a special pin. Comes with a case and in a very rich package.
Excellent piston acceleration characteristics (longer piston stroke), making the shotgun more powerful compared to counterparts of the same length
No risk of accidental firing thanks to the stud locking the sear.
Smooth action of the trigger and thus higher accuracy of the shot.
Increased pumping of the gun
Aluminum back part makes the piston light
Locking mechanism that prevents the gun from firing itself
Air and vacuum primer
Branded Pelengas dyneema line is tied with a special “lashing”
Complete with reel with line and carbine
Streamlined, ergonomic handle
Harpoon is securely held in the piston barring any chance of it falling out or getting into the barrel or water receiver
The gun set includes: Gun Pelengas Varvar 100, 7 mm thick Sandvik-style harpoon with slide sleeve and interchangeable heads, 2,5 m working line, new pump for Pelengas guns, 14 mm safety loader, spare cuffs, air bleeder, oil, special disassembly tool, repair kit, coil and PERFECT PELENGAS Pouch

This pneumatic vacuum underwater gun has a lockable sear system, thanks to this system, self-firing is impossible and the trigger is very soft with a high pressure in the receiver. This gun has a magnetic striking regulator with a stepless adjustment from 100% power to 25%.

Papildoma informacija

Svoris 5 kg
Išmatavimai 120 × 25 × 7 cm


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