Pelengas VARVAR 55 pneumo vakuminis ginklas


  Pneumatic vacuum speargun Pelengas Magnum 55 2 3 in the configuration of the pros.
Options pros from the bearing means that the gun is fully prepared for spearfishing and does not require additional equipment. The harpoon is mounted without knots and anchored by the mooring method, the harpoon working line is a dineham with a breaking load of 380 kg, the nylon line on the reel has a nylon discharge load of 120 kg, the same professional package includes a complete repair kit: key, piston, oring set, spare line throw, oil.
Speargun Pelengas 55 + combines the best that invented today. Power, ergonomics, quality of materials – everything suggests that this model – the undisputed leader among the commercially available Spearguns.
Pneumatc Vacuum technology. Spear Gun with always dry barrel
– 20-30% more power compared with same size analogs;
– Aluminum anodized tank with a hydrodynamic form;
– Patented Side Line Release
– Technopolymer Shock-absorber Bushing and Piston
– Built-in handle reel mount allows to install and dismantle it for a minute (patented).
– The damper piston – mechanic, polyurethane. It provides a soft and quiet operation of the mechanism.
– Cullen Tahiti harpoon type 7 mm in length and diameter of the shank is interchangeable with a plurality of serially-produced guns.
– The sliding sleeve is made of high strength stainless steel molding. It is equipped with brand protection tench from cuts, developed and implemented in the production company Pelengas.
. The barrel with an inside diameter of 11.99 mm made of stainless steel.

Papildoma informacija

Svoris 4 kg
Išmatavimai 80 × 25 × 7 cm


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