Penkiapirštės pirštinės Scorpena Kirkines (K) 5 mm


SCORPENA Kirkines are super soft and hyper-elastic gloves created for maximum comfort. They are also great for all types of freediving and for all kinds of water sports.

The pattern of SCORPENA Kirkines gloves was created taking into account the anatomical features of the structure of the right and left hands, and also takes into account the most natural position of the hand in a relaxed form. This reduces the strain on the muscles and increases the comfortable swimming time. SCORPENA Kirkines gloves are made of the softest and most elastic neoprene by SHEICO, glued with the latest water-based neoprene glue (no chemical solvent).

The outer and inner lining of these gloves is x-tend hyperelastic material. And small dots from a specially selected secret composition make it easy to hold a very large fish in your hands.

The thickness of the gloves is 3 or 5 mm. Sizes from XS to XXL.

A: Palm length, cm 16,7 17,5 18,2 19 19,8 20,5
B: Middle finger length, cm 7,1 7,5 7,9 8,3 8,7 9,1
C: Palm circumference, cm 18 19,3 20,6 22 23 24

Papildoma informacija

Svoris 0.15 kg

L, M, S, XL


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