Rob Allen Blue Water plūduro lynas 20 m (1,5x tempimas)


Rob Allen Blue Water Float Line Bungees 1,5xStrech

• MATERIAL: TPU UV Resistant Tubing
• Dyneema® Inner Core 180kg
• Stretch – X1.5 @ 31kg
• Used for the biggest of fish, the Bluewater Bungee Floatline keeps fish from pulling off the line by way of floatline tension.
• Available in: 20m, 25m and 30m.

With a breaking strain well over 400kg these bungies are some of the strongest on the market yet their 6mm diameter and speed through the water make them ideal for everyday use.
Unlike nearly every other bluewater bungy on the market these beauties have virtually no drag through the water and have great abrasion resistance making them suitable for use around rocks. Their slow and limited stretch means its possible to really put the breaks on and keep your gamefish off the bottom.
They are air filled making them very buoyant and their resistance to tangling make them a real joy to dive with.


  • Low stretch means you don’t lose control of hard fighting fish around the reef
  • Far less drag through the water
  • Far less weight making them easier to travel with
  • Abrasion resistant making them suitable for use around the reef
  • UV Stable


  • 20% stretch acts as a shock absorber greatly reducing the risk of gear failure or the fish tearing themselves off your spear
  • Less drag through the water
  • Less prone to tangling
  • Much nicer handling

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Svoris 1.0 kg


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