Seac sub kaukė COVE


Seac Cove, dive mask for scuba diving, spearfishing and snorkeling, hypoallergenic black silicone


Seac Cove has been designed for all those looking for a multi-purpose mask, perfect for both recreational scuba diving and spearfishing, without forgetting the snorkeling. The Seac Cove diving mask features two symmetrical tempeBlue glass lenses and a soft high-quality soft silicone black skirt, with differentiated thicknesses to guarantee perfect adherence to the face. The reduced internal volume makes the Seac Cove diving mask perfect even in deep dives and during freediving sessions. It remains firm on the face thanks to the thick silicone band of the strap placed behind the head. It is easily adjustable on both sides with a system of double-button buckles placed on the sides of the frame. It takes up little space in the bag thanks to the compact design and the folding buckles.

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Svoris 0.15 kg


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