Seac sub kaukė BELLA


    • New Generation Mask, Double lens, Kids and Adults with slender faces
    • Soft, hypoallergenic silicon. Extremely comfortable Ideal for delicate faces
    • Polycarbonate frame and high quality tempered glass. Shock Resistant.
    • Silicon in variable thicknesses to optimize adherence on the face
    • Exclusive Italian design By Seac Sub Italy
    New generation 2 lenses mask. Suitable for children and adults with small or thin faces. The hypoallergenic silicon provides extremely high comfort to the most delicate types of skin. It helps prevent skin irritation. The Polycarbonate frame and the tempered glass are created by using high quality materials, making the product unique and shock resistant. The colored silicon has been designed in different thicknesses to optimize adherence to the face, limiting moving, slipping and water entry. The buckles allow to set the strap instantaneously within a hundredth of an inch. , Light and elegant mask, ideal for any environment. Exclusive Italian design by Seac Sub.Available in 4 colors: Light Blue, Pink, Clear skirt Blue, Clear Skirt Yellow.


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