Vamzdelis Scorpena B


Despite the main purpose for Scorpena B tube is to serve spear-fishers, it is perfect also for divers, snorkelers and free-divers. The tube B is very flexible – in caves, among snags or reeds you can dive without worrying about risks that the tube could be hooked on an obstacle and thus pull a mask from a face. Also, the soft tube makes less noise when straggling against stones. The tube is made of soft black techno-polymer and the mouthpiece – of hypoallergenic silicone and cause sensitization by skin contact person. Thanks to thin and soft edges of the mouthpiece, the tube is held by lips effortlessly, without straining muscles of the face and, this increases the duration of breath-holding during dives.

Tube bends very well! And under the arches of the caves, and under driftwood or reeds, and under the rubble, it is possible to dive without fear that the tube is caught on an obstacle, will break the mask from the face or mouth will turn the mouthpiece until you swim in search of prey. Furthermore, the soft tube upon impact of stones or threads produces much less noise. It will be a nice bonus when hunting wary fish. The tube is made of soft black technopolymer mouthpiece and silicone does not cause allergy when contacted with human skin. Time-tested combination of length and cross-sectional diameter enables many hours to breathe freely and easily. Due to the thin and soft edges of the mouthpiece, the tube without effort kept her lips, without straining the muscles of the face and, thus, increases the duration of breath holding during dives.

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