Dry-Bag Scorpena


The Scorpena NARVA drybag will keep your belongings dry while it’s raining and protect them if dropped into the water. The bag will also protect the car interior from your wet equipment. It is made of a strong five-layer material with an outer PVC coating, which makes the material resistant to cuts, direct sun and resistant to seawater. The welded seam joint technology guarantees tightness and durability. The main part of Scorpena NARVA is made of matte and pleasant to the touch material. The bottom part is made of glossy and easy-to-clean material. Scorpena NARVA is equipped with a handle with polymer protection.
Sizes: 100 l – 110cm х 57cm, 80 l – 100cm х 54cm, 60 л – 90см х 51см

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Dry-bag litražas

100 l, 60 l, 80 l


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