Plaukmenys C4 MINIMAL 100 % Carbon




MINIMAL are made in 100% fine texture twill T300 carbon fiber. They are well proportioned and they come with C4 400 footpockets with a total weight of 700gr. They have an excellent value for money.

The concave terminal of the MINIMAL gives an immediate elastic response to movement. For this reason, the MINIMAL gives preference to quick restarts, compatibly with the needs of the spearfishing action.

MINIMAL are made of 100% T300 TW carbon. This classic fine carbon fabric is universally used for carbon fins of almost all world production and for many other products. This determines a large productions of this type of fabric which therefore has low costs which have allowed the excellent quality / price ratio of the MINIMALS.

Thanks to more than thirty years of studies and worldwide records, we have been able to develop the DPC (Double Parabolic Curve) design featured by the MINIMAL. This design has now been enhanced thanks to a special lamination of the layers of carbon, specifically dimensioned and positioned.

The D.P.C curve optimises the bending of the blades and the quantity of water processed pairing with the Elastic-K10 water rails optimising the strength produced by the muscles and articulations.

The level of energy is optimised allowing for greater speed and therefore safety when diving.  The less tired we are the safer we can dive: this is the condition of passive safety to be pursued at all times.

The advanced concepts behind the 300 2.0 easy fit foot pockets project are all found in the 400 foot pockets, which are made with a traditional Synthetic Thermo Rubber. The 400 foot pockets with their low weight, however, demonstrate jointly how the design skills of C4 do not depend exclusively on refined materials. They are pre-formed by 3 °, have reduced volume and great hydrodynamics, are extremely comfortable thanks to the particular C4 Best anatomy and the controlled deformability of the upper that wraps the foot.

The blades of MINIMAL are connected to the foot pocket thanks to a mechanical  insert that is blocked by two special screws that cannot go easily unscrewed, providing a safe and efficient connection.

For easy transportation, MINIMAL can be disassembled, so as to reduce their volume and any chance of damage.

MINIMAL blades are 786 mm long and 190 mm wide.  The angle of the blades is 29° + 3° of the preformed footpocket for a total inclination of  32°.

The MINIMAL’s are available in five sizes: 38/39 – 40/41 – 42/43 – 44/45 – 46/47.

The blades are available in hardness 30 (medium).

The 300 2.0 easy fit foot pocket is available in 9 different sizes and for each size in 5 different colors: black, white, blue, brown and silver.

The 400 foot pocket is available in 5 different sizes and for each size in 2 different colors: black and white.

All C4 blades models are compatible with both the 300 2.0 easy fit foot pocket and with the 400 foot pocket in all sizes and colors.

Papildoma informacija

Svoris 1.0 kg
Išmatavimai 100 × 25 × 5 cm

C300 48/49, C400 40/41, C400 42/43, C400 44/45, C400 46/47


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