Scorpena Alpha nardymo kompiuteris


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Scorpena Alpha is easy to use dive computer with an intuitive menu. The device has freediving, gauge and diving modes.

It is possible to set the device by depth from 1 to 3 meters, in this case the device automatically turns on and starts analysing the water temperature, amount of dives and time, rest time on the surface, shows the depth of the previous dive. In the freediving mode it is possible to activate the timer under the water.

In the settings you can adjust the time parameters, select the units of depth, temperature, screen backlight level. It is possible to set which dive mode to activate automatically and when the device will switch to the power-saving mode.

Dive modes are accompanied by audible and vibration alarms for training (3 depth alarms, 3 dive time alarms and 3 surface rest time alarms)

The computer allows you to keep Dive Logs to see depth, duration, time and date of all the dives and sort them by any parameter, including the types of dives.

The device is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (it can be charged via cable that is included in the set).

The soft silicone strap is extra long so you can wear it even over a thick wetsuit. It is easy to remove or change the strap when needed.


Weight of the device with the strap is 95 grams Approximate dimensions of the device: length 6.5 cm; width 5 cm: thickness 1.7 cm.
Strap: length 7.5+16.5 cm; width 2 cm; thickness 0.5 cm.

Case material: composite
Bezel: metal
Buttons: metal
Glass: tempered
Strap material: silicone, metal buckle

Up to 100 meters

Modes: Diving, gauge, freediving
Air & Nitrox: Oxygen 21% ~ 56%

Lithium-ion battery (300+ charge cycles)
Fast charging (85% in 1 hour)
Operating time: in diving mode – up to 25 dives, standby mode – up to 3 months.
Accessories: box, device, usb-cable for charging, brief manual.

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Svoris 0.4 kg


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