Seacsub pilnai veidą dengianti kaukė LIBERA


  • NEW GENERATION | The Seac Libera represents the evolution of full face snorkelling masks encompassing all the technical features to make the snorkeling experience unforgettable. A full-face panoramic mask that combines the highest levels of safety, ease of use and style
  • SAFETY FIRST OF ALL | Like all Seac full face snorkelling masks the Libera is tested in the laboratory with Ansti machines and dedicated equipment to measure breathing performance and control CO2 levels. The Seac Full Face masks are the best in the category with a totally natural and effortless breathing quality, and you do not have to worry about any build up of CO2 values ​,as the Libera always remains far lower than the recommended safety limits.
  • EASY TO USE | The Seac Libera has a perfect fit thanks to the adjustable silicone straps both in the upper and the lower part of the Head. The quick-release buckles on both sides of the mask allow you to remove Seac Libera with just one hand.
  • A STYLE EYE | The Seac Libera is available in 3 sizes depending on the distance between nose and chin; but the real novelty is the small size of the XS-S body shell that lightens the mask, improves comfort and makes it more pleasant on small faces. The colors of Seac Libera are exciting and suitable for those who never give up style, even on the beach!
  • Seac QUALITY | The Seac Libera contains all the most popular features of the Seac full face mask: wide panoramic anti-fog screen, patented separate channel breathing system, dry top snorkel that prevents the entry of water, purge valves, high quality soft hypoallergenic silicone.

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