Velcro dirželis (elastinis) SALVIMAR peiliui


The Salvimar Velcro Knife Strap Holder is a compact Velcro band knife strap holder and is the perfect accessory for your Salvimar knife. The Salvimar Knife Strap Holder has been designed to complement and simplify the job of carrying your dive knife. Simply slide the strap through your knife sheath, wrap it around your arm, secure the Velcro closure and your good to go.


The Salvimar Knife Strap Holder is an ideal accessory for spearos who don’t have the time or the patience to fuss around with rubber straps. With the Salvimar Knife Strap Holder you’ll be able to comfortably mount your dive knife on your arm, forearm or your leg to ensure that its always easily accessible when you need it most. The Salvimar Velcro Strap Holder works very well with the full range of Salvimar knives, and it is also compatible with most other brands as well.


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