Peilis C4 NAIFU S



Naifu S

NAIFU and NAIFU S feature an innovative and ergonomic design. NAIFU is a belt knife with a total length of 204mm and a blade length of 94mm. NAIFU S is a smaller knife, designed to be carried on the arm, with a total length of 144mm and a blade length of 66.5mm.

The handle and the sheath are manufactured in recyclable POM material. This is a very sturdy and autolubricating material with excellent mechanical properties and low water absorption.

NAIFU has a locking system between the knife and the sheath which makes it for an easy extraction and insertion.

The blade of NAIFU S is inserted all the way in the handle making it extremely sturdy. NAIFU’s blade features a shaft remover and comes out from the bottom of the blade so that it can be used as a light hammer.

A very important feature on the NAIFU knives is that the blade is machined to create a razor cutting edge whose geometry greatly increases its cutting and penetrating effect.

Both knives are delivered with two rubber straps with stainless steel buckles for use on the arms or legs. NAIFU sheath also features two holes on the bottom so that an additional elastic can be used to hold the knife in position.

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