Kostiumas su atvira pora viduje Scorpena APNEA F-1 3-5 mm


Wetsuit Scorpena Apnea

Apnea is a new model in Scorpena collection released in 2021. The first wetsuit specially designed for freediving, available in 3 and 5mm.

High-quality Sheico neoprene with an ultra-elastic outer coating and open cell inside
Consist of 2 parts (jacket with hood and high pants)
Face cuff and ankle cuffs are made of thinner neoprene and covered with glideskin for a better fit
The wide waistband of the pants is made of thinner neoprene and tapers towards the top. The waistband is significantly higher at the back, which provides additional thermal protection

In the production of the Apnea wetsuits and the lamination of neoprene with fabric, no chemical solvent is used.

Scorpena – Wetsuits XS S M L XL XXL 3XL 4XL
 Chest 80–88 88–96 96–104 101–109 107–115 112–120 118-126 124-132
 Waist 71–75 75–79 79–84 84–90 90–96 96–104 104-110 110-116
 Hips 79–87 87–94 94–101 100–106 106–112 112–117 117-122 122-127
 Height 165–170 169–174 173–180 179–185 184–190 189–196 195-202 200-207

Papildoma informacija

Svoris 2 kg



3 mm, 5 mm


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